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Makeen Transform helps Austral Fisheries to be recognized by the Global Seafood Assurances

Makeen helps Austral Fisheries to be recognized by the Global Seafood Assurances

With the range of services we provide to the range of clients we have, there is no better way to concisely define the genre of our business than a ‘Solution Provider,’ and we thrive on our reputation as one.

Austral Fisheries, one of Australia’s largest integrated commercial fishing companies, is a client we are proud to serve. A few years back when we met their team, we were pleasantly amazed by their commitment and actual concerns for the workforce’s safety and well-being. They partnered with Makeen, valuing our technical acumen, to come up with a solution to monitor the safety behaviors of their crew on a regular basis which despite employing the latest safety management systems was the challenge.

Makeen’s Transform app (formerly Miracle Mobile app) turned out to be the perfect solution for Austral Fisheries’ timely monitoring concerns. Vessel Safety Induction, Near Miss Report, Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Safety Meetings, Job Safety Analysis are just some from a whole roster of safety forms on the Miracle Mobile app that were used on their vessels. The app was customized to their situation and needs. We remember, limited or no network coverage in the sea was one of the many bitter pills of their business operations. The offline capabilities of the app allowed Austral’s safety inspectors to conduct audits even when their devices were not connected to WiFi or LTE.

It was a proud moment for Makeen Technologies when we recently heard the news that for their impactful initiatives Austral Fisheries was recognized in the ‘Worker Voice on Fishing Vessels’ report commissioned by the Global Seafood Assurances. The ‘Solution Provider’ in us was once again greatly satisfied by Austral’s progress and due recognition.

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