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TransformTek Attends WA IT Leaders Summit in Perth

TransformTek heads to IT leadership conference in Perth to discover the latest cutting edge technology fueling the growth of business leaders.

PERTH, WA – August 12, 2016 – Dedicated to delivering advanced enterprise mobility technologies, TransformTek attended the 5th WA IT Leaders Summit to learn about the latest innovations that fuel business growth.  The annual event, which is organized by Business Insights Australia (BIA), took place on August 9 and 10, 2016 at the Joondalup Resort in Perth.
This year, the WA IT Leaders Summit brought together over 120 WA-based IT leaders across industry verticals. The presenters discussed current issues and future opportunities, including the role of IT leaders as business strategists, IT partnership and outsourcing model, and shifting from maintaining existing infrastructure to focusing on IT efficiency and productivity.
In addition to TransformTek, there were much senior management personnel and decision-makers from top IT organizations in attendance. Attracting them to the conference was the chance to take part in high-level peer-to-peer dialog, connect with industry leaders, and learn valuable lessons from IT pioneers such as Dell Software, Hacklabs, and Cisco Systems.
“TransformTek is always at the forefront of everything IT,” commented Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Ioannakis. “This is why we never miss opportunities such as the one presented by BIA. We enjoyed listening and meeting industry leaders and gained great insight from the presenters.  We look forward to following up on the many conversations that took place as well as introduce and highlight the business benefits of enterprise mobility.”
Earlier, in June, TransformTek took part in the 2016 SilkRoad User Conference in Arizona. At the conference, it unveiled its latest app: Transform Onboarding App. Complementing SilkRoad, it extends the functions of the talent management system to mobile devices.
About TransformTek
TransformTek is an enterprise mobility solutions provider that is committed to helping today’s businesses create a highly efficient, productive, and paperless environments. Positioned at the heart of the mobile revolution, the Perth-based innovator became a SilkRoad partner in June 2015, sharing its vision to enhance business performance and employee engagement. TransformTek’s growing list of products includes the enterprise mobile app development platform Transform Studio, a range of mobile forms, and enterprise mobility solutions.

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