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Industry Guides Roundup: Mobile Forms Across 5 Industries

Over the past year, we have been exploring the role of mobility and mobile forms in a variety of industries. We managed to cover five industries, namely:

  • The Construction Industry
  • The Mining Industry
  • The Health Care Industry
  • The Logistics Industry
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry

If you have missed any of these, don’t worry. This post compiles all the topics we covered across these five industries.


Mobile forms are THE need of the hour for construction firms. Not only do they help with ensuring the productivity of both field workers and office-based employees, they improve a company’s health and safety compliance. Find out more in the following resources.

Industry in Focus: Mobility in the Construction Industry
4 Construction Mobile Apps You Can Build with makeen transform
How Safety Mobile Forms Build Construction Firms – Part 1
How Safety Mobile Forms Build Construction Firms – Part 2
How Safety Mobile Forms Build Construction Firms – Part 3
How Safety Mobile Forms Build Construction Firms – Part 4


Over the past decade, the mining industry has been struggling with inefficiencies such as slow recruitment and high costs. With mobile forms, however, it can overcome many challenges to regain its glory. The following posts cover this fully.

Industry in Focus: Mobility in the Mining Industry
Is Your Mining Firm Ready for these 7 Risks in 2017?
How Enterprise Mobility Impacts Mining Safety
Is Enterprise Mobility a Threat to the Mining Industry’s Cyber Security?
5 Mobile Apps Mining Firms Can Produce with makeen transform

Health Care

The health care industry is always embracing the latest innovations to deliver the best service to patients. To complement their mHealth technologies, healthcare service providers are designing their own forms for mobile.

Industry in Focus: Mobility in the Health Care Industry
Hasn’t Your Health Care Practice Switched to Mobile Forms Yet? [INFOGRAPHIC]


After a slow couple of years, the logistics industry is picking up speed again in 2018. While it does have its fair share of issues, it plans to overcome these with technologies including mobile form apps. More insight in these posts.

Industry in Focus: Mobility in the Logistics Industry
The Role of Mobility in Reducing Logistics Costs
Surviving the Shift in the Logistics Industry with Mobile Forms
7 Mobile Forms Logistics Firms Should Have – INFOGRAPHIC
Designing Mobile Forms for Logistics Firms – INFOGRAPHIC


The Pharma industry has special needs which mobilized forms can help with. Be it ensuring compliance or streamlining communications, these forms can make a difference for pharmaceutical firms.

Industry in Focus: Mobile Forms in the Pharmaceutical Industry
The Benefits of Mobile Forms for Pharmaceutical Companies
Is Your Pharmaceutical Company Ready for these Challenges?
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