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5 Mobile Form Apps Mining Firms Must Have

The Mining Industry has embraced enterprise mobility over the past few years. As a result, its members are reaping benefits such as enhanced workforce safety, better work-life balance for miners, and improved risk mitigation. Makeen is proud to have helped deliver these benefits further through mobile form apps developed through transform apps.

Here are a few apps you too can create through the platform.

#1 Health and Safety Mobile Form Apps

The mining industry has a reputation for being a dangerous industry. Miners face a variety of health and safety risks, few of which may be life threatening. However, mining firms have cut no corners to follow HSE regulations and embrace technologies which enforce them. One of such technologies is mobile forms.

A renowned Western Australia group of companies contacted us to mobilize the health and safety forms used in its Mining and Civil Construction and Contracting firm. Through its health and safety mobile forms app, the family-owned group aimed to:

  • Eliminate the inefficiencies of paper inspection reports (e.g. lost documents)
  • Collect, collate, and analyze on-site safety information quickly
  • Share new HSE regulations to ensure workforce’s compliance
  • Track the submission of safety forms in real time through a dashboard
  • Reduce the administrative burden of investigating safety risks

After the app was rolled to the firm’s safety professionals, the firm reported quicker and more accurate data entry. The accountability of safety leaders also improved as the forms they submitted included date and time stamps and binding eSignature panels. This, in turn, provided the client with a concrete audit trail of safety documentation as well as ensured the firm’s compliance with industry and government regulations.

#2 Human Resource Management Mobile Form Apps

The global mining industry has been facing workers shortage over the past five years. Not only are new professionals harder to find, firms face high rates of turnover. Senior level staff turnover rates are especially high according to Stratum. The mining consultancy reports 40% of its survey’s respondents say three of top five site-based roles have been vacated within 12 months.

To better manage its workforce, an Australian-British multinational metals and mining group wanted to overhaul their human resources operation. With this app, the organization would:

  • Eliminate the use of paper for HR documentation purposes
  • Collect employee documentation (e.g. certificates) and securely transfer it to databases
  • Onboard new hires effectively via mobile with offline document libraries and quick links
  • Connect new hires with their supervisors or managers

In addition to streamlining human resource processes, TransformTek’s HR forms enhanced the efficiency of onboarding processes to better integrate new hires. It reduced overall costs, especially the cost of paper which is estimated at AU$9100 annually per organization. Moreover, the app ensured HR departments spent fewer hours maintaining employee records. As a result, professionals were able to focus on other important processes such as the recruitment process.

#3 Learning and Development Mobile Form Apps

Delivering learning and development programs is vital for today’s mining firms. In addition to retaining talented people within organizations, these programs enhance interpersonal productivity and promote team growth from the inside out. L&D programs also address problem areas and provide possible solutions for them. Training the workforce via mobile L&D apps offers even more advantages, including in-the-moment learning and amplified learner engagement.

The multinational firm we delivered the HR app for requested a learning and development mobile forms app to:

  • Communicate the latest industry news and trends as well as compliance regulations
  • Deliver remote on-site support to a distributed workforce
  • Provide offline training documents and tutorials to on-site workers
  • Give employees the opportunity to request new training and submit feedback on existing programs

Designed on makeen transform, our client’s L&D app allowed the firm to deliver quality training to its remote workforce. This, in turn, allowed it to achieve its goal of putting the safety of its employees first. The firm also believes delivering quality training content on a regular basis will keep turnover rates quite low.

#4 Operations Management Mobile Form Apps

Effectively managing operations ensures high levels of efficiency across an organization. It enhances employee productivity, which, in turn, improves mining firms’ financial health. Mobilizing this aspect also ensures near real-time reporting, allowing decision makers to react quickly to issues.

The international leader in hard rock underground mining which required this app aimed to:

  • Allow on-site managers to enter details for work plans
  • Communicate their plans with stakeholders back at the head office as well as the on-site workforce
  • Collect and analyze data to prevent critical errors

With the app, our client reported smooth, effective production process. However, this is the initial feedback and we’re awaiting more from its workforce.

#5 Your Company’s Mobile Forms App

In addition to the four types of apps above, you can create your own collection of mobile forms via Makeen transform. Simply sign up and create your own mobile forms app.

Need to see a sample first? Download Ready2Use Forms to test Transform App’s capabilities yourself.

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