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4 Construction Mobile Form Apps You Can Build with Makeen transform

The construction industry may be one of the latest to integrate mobile form apps in its operations, but it has benefited immensely from them. Construction enterprises that mobilized their operations report enhanced productivity onsite and in the head office, reduced risks, and better project management. Several companies we collaborated with over the past three years have achieved even more with the help of Makeen transform.

Here are some of the mobile form apps leaders from the construction industry have created through our platform.

#1) Health and Safety Mobile Form Apps

Health and safety are at the top of a construction firm’s list of priorities. This is because the industry is prone to numerous risks, hazards and accidents, including falls, site vehicle incidents, and contact with electricity, to name a few. These affect workers, schedules and project costs. Therefore, companies need a surefire way to not only prevent them, but improve culture and behavior.

A national building and civil construction company contracted TransformTek for a health and safety mobile forms app. The goals it wished to achieve through it were:

  • Stop using paper inspection reports to eliminate inefficiencies such as lost documentation
  • Speed up risk identification and reporting to protect employees
  • Reduce the administrative burden of investigating risks
  • Improve communication between onsite and head office teams
  • Enhance emergency response and ensure better injury-illness care
  • Rate employees’ courage and commitment to safety behavior

The forms we created mobilized different forms used by HSE professionals, including Near Miss Report and Safety Observations. In addition to allowing quicker data entry, the mobile forms included image upload functionality to allow users to attach images to their reports. We also added an eSignature panel to ensure signer authenticity and accountability.

#2) Employee Onboarding Mobile Form Apps

Onboarding in today’s construction is riddled with paper forms with long approval time frames. Timely approvals have a positive impact on the success of a company’s onboarding process. TransformTek created an app to socialize new hires in a structured way. It goes beyond orientation and training to offer mentoring, support, and opportunities to learn about the organization’s culture and structure. With it, the organization aims to reduce employee turnover, saving time and money.

With our onboarding app, the company has been able to:

  • Communicate onboarding tasks to new hires and have them completed via mobile devices
  • Connect new hires with their supervisors or managers before their first day
  • Quickly integrate new hires by educating them on corporate culture
  • Speed up employee documentation collection by allowing image uploads of signed documents, qualifications, etc.
  • Eliminate the use of paper for HR documentation
  • Train new hires on the company’s safety practices

The company has effectively streamlined the operations of its HR department as a result. HR Advisors are especially thankful to the automation of the employee data collection process. As app data is directly stored in the organization’s data stores, mistakes such as human data input errors are fewer.

#3) Operations Management Mobile Form Apps

In addition to managing project resources, mobile form apps are effective for streamlining operations. TransformTek helped a multinational organization with a workforce of 50,000 people in 35 countries in this regard. Our client wanted to mobilize different aspects of their onsite operations, starting off with lift plans.

Lift plans are critical for the construction site to protect the load, employees, and surrounding property during a lift. Failing to create and effectively communicate these plans can also have a financial impact on the organization itself.

Through the Slewing Lift Plan form in their makeen transform App, the company could:

  • Enable managers to quickly enter details for their plans
  • Communicate their plans quickly with onsite workers and head office
  • Assess and analyze loads to prevent critical errors

Our team is currently adding more forms to this client’s app and guiding them on using Transform Studio to create their own forms in the future.

#4) Project Management Mobile Form Apps   

Construction project management entails directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout a project. Effectively handling this process ensures accurate estimates for project scope, time, and quality. We helped one of Australia’s top ten largest privately owned companies in this regard.

Our mobile form app for their mining and civil construction company allowed onsite staff to:

  • Substitute multiple spreadsheets with a multi-tabbed interface to ensure a streamlined process
  • Register possible issues per project component along with its occurrence likelihood and consequences’ severity
  • List down possible actions and who will carry them out at which date to prevent risks

As for the back office, it gave them the flexibility to:

  • Document contract details automatically without human intervention
  • Assign teams effectively based on data from onsite staff to meet set deadlines
  • Monitor the progress of each contract through business intelligence dashboards

This was the first app we integrated dashboard views in, allowing both sides to view a range of metrics important for their work. Based on this data, our client has effectively improved their project planning and management.

Are You Ready to Create a Mobile Form App for Your Construction Firm?

Creating these mobile form apps or others your firm needs isn’t that hard. All you need to do is sign up for Makeen transform then watch our video tutorials to create your own app.

Want to try mobile forms before creating your own? Download and run Ready2Use Forms on your device today.

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