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#FridayFacts: What You Should Know to Celebrate World Paper Free Day

We at Makeen are firm supporters of the paperless office. That’s why our mobile solutions and forms aim to mitigate paper or dramatically reduce its use in business processes. So, you can imagine how excited we are about World Paper Free Day.

What’s World Paper Free Day?

In 2010, the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) conducted the first-ever World Paper Free Day. The event aims at highlighting the problem of paper waste and guiding organizations around it.

In 2016, World Paper Free Day falls on November 4. This year, the organization plans to help enterprises switch off their printers and begin working smarter. And if you follow the recommendations we have listed below, you’ll effectively reduce the paper entry points and improve overall processes.

How You Can Take Part in the Celebrations

You’re welcome to join the event today at 10 am – 12 pm EDT (GMT-4). However, you can celebrate in a different way altogether: limit paper use for today. Give your printer rest for the day and go the extra mile with the following tips.

  • Skim through the paperwork you have around the office and recycle what you don’t need. You can make digital copies of these pages, earning more brownie points as you go.
  • Talk about how your organization can meet its goals for going paperless. If you’ve never given this matter much thought, click here to read about how going paperless can reshape your office culture.
  • Stop bringing more paper into your office. Instead of buying the newspaper today, go through its digital copy online. You can also opt-out of buying a new book for the weekend and get an eBook instead.
  • Rely more on emails and apps to communicate with everyone around the office. Take the time to talk in person with your colleagues or employees.
  • Find one process which you can improve by reducing paper use. For instance, you can have an app to onboard new employees and integrate them into the workforce.

And finally, enjoy! After all, the weekend is just a few hours away.

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