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7 Emotional Aspects of a Successful Employee Onboarding Program

Time to productivity – or the time required for an employee to operate on the same level as other employees at the company – is an important metric that determines the quality of a new hire. It also ensures the competitiveness of the corporate climate, helps HR manage talent more effectively, and reduces the costs associated hiring new staff.

With so much importance given to time to productivity, today’s organizations need to take measures to ensure that this metric is reduced. One way of achieving this is through an efficient employee onboarding program.

While there are many aspects which makes onboarding programs ‘effective’, only the most successful ones focus on human behavior and address the emotional needs of new hires. As a result, retention rates improve. If you want your program to be a hit with new employees, make sure it sends the following emotional messages in addition to a warm welcome.

#1) “Your Emotional Security is a Priority”

Physical and financial security in a new job environment are important for a new hire, but emotional security is equally as essential. The latest addition to your workforce may have many questions in mind, such as ‘did I make the right decision?’ or ‘will everyone like me?’

By ignoring these questions, your new hires will remain apprehensive and possibly decide to leave your organization. So, be mindful of these insecurities and consider taking steps like preparing for their arrival, scheduling meetings for feedback, and guiding them to prove their worth in your organization.

#2) “You’re Important to Us”

Giving your new hire the importance they deserve shows you appreciate the people who work for you and take care of their needs. Showing thoughtfulness, even by giving them a few minutes of your time, will make them feel like they matter to your organization.  This, in turn, prevents feelings of frustration or insecurity from driving them to resign.

And the best part? It’s quite easy to show that your employee is a priority. You can offer pre-start date preparations like taking them on a company tour and getting them on a buddy program.

#3) “Your Privacy is Respected at All Times”

Your new hire needs to know that you value their privacy. This is because every employee wants to be able to maintain their personal independence. Moreover, they need to have a safe place to release their tension, self-evaluate, and contemplate on their purpose and intentions.

Privacy also offers your new hires the chance to set interpersonal boundaries and develop parameters for sharing personal information. Therefore, employees get the time to decompress when they need to.

#4) “We Want to Build a Strong, Meaningful Relationship with You”

There are many reasons why employees decide to leave, from under-delivering to poor communication and all the way to a toxic culture. If you delve deeper into these issues, you’ll discover that they share the same cause: lack of a human connection.

People are social creatures, which is why they need friendships and connections to be happy. So, in order to be happy at work, new hires should be able to develop meaningful relationships with their colleagues. In simpler terms, they need relationships that are built on trust, mutual respect, mindfulness, open communication, and diversity.

#5) “You’re Part of Our Community”

In addition to building strong relationships with their colleagues, new hires want to feel as part of the wider community within your organization. That way, they can start opening up to others and act altruistically.

Sending this message via your employee onboarding program also has its advantages for your organization. Members of your workforce will put aside their own interests, grow accountable, and align their goals to others’ for the sake of the organization.

#6) “Your Achievements Will Be Acknowledged”

Acknowledging the achievements of your new employees will boost their confidence. Eventually, it will inspire them to learn new skills, meet your performance expectations, and achieve their full potential.

However, there is a chance that some of your new hires may lack the necessary confidence to become achievers. That’s where you come in the picture. Set realistic goals which they can attain easily and feel as if they achieved something. While onboarding, you can bring them up to speed on the lingo used at your organization, provide access to commonly used software, and show examples of great work. Don’t forget to inspire, motivate and reassure new hires as well.

#7) “You Matter in This Organization”

Your new hires should know their meaning and purpose within your organization. As they’re highly motivated during their first days at their new workplace, all they need is a little inspiration. So, consider infusing daily tasks and responsibilities with meaning.

Getting all these messages across can be quite difficult, especially if your onboarding program doesn’t facilitate communication easily. Consider automating or, better yet, mobilizing onboarding for a more personalized experience. Be as innovative as possible to make a lasting impression and really reach out to employees’ hearts and minds.

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