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5 Lessons Pokémon Go Can Teach Enterprise App Developers

Almost everyone has been infected by Pokémon Go fever. If you’re not playing the game yourself, chances are someone at your home or workplace currently is. In fact, Paul from Accounting may be taking longer lunch breaks in hopes of finding anything but a Zubat. With 9.5 million daily active users, the game is definitely a success.

What you may not know, though, is that the game is also an inspiration to app developers, especially enterprise app developers.

If you want your next business app to achieve a fraction of the popularity of Pokémon Go, keep the following five lessons in mind.

Lesson #1) Focus on the End User’s Needs

Pokémon was a massive cultural craze not too long ago. At the time, the idea of owning your own Charmander and Pikachu was like a dream. Pokémon Go, however, made that a reality. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Pokémon Go is a hit with users because it exploits a need that existed long before the app. True, features like GPS and virtual reality make it stand out, but people are just happy playing Pokémon on their phones.

So, the first lesson organizations should learn from Pokémon Go is to develop with users’ needs in mind. For instance, if you have new hires who may not have access to the internet at all times, you can provide them with an onboarding mobile app with offline capabilities and allow them to fill forms, sign documentation, and much more.

Lesson #2) Prioritize the Security of User Data and the Organization

Many users, especially those who downloaded the unofficial app via an Android application package (APK), were apprehensive when the app requested access to their private information. As Pokémon Go seemed to be collecting more data than needed, many suspected that third parties were involved. The authorities are equally concerned, especially since Pokémons as well as PokeStops tend to be inside places related to national security.

Learning from these shortcomings, enterprise app developers should take the time to plan and implement measures that ensure the security of user data and the organization as a whole. For instance, you can implement mobile device management (MDM) to secure and monitor mobile devices in the workplace.

Lesson #3) Make Apps that Have a Learning Curve Aspect

When it comes to the learning curve, Pokémon Go definitely has the right idea. It’s so simple that anyone, regardless of age, can begin hunting for Pokémons. At the same time, it unlocks plenty of complex features once users are used to the app. For instance, players can’t begin fighting in gyms until they reach level 5. By then, they’ve already collected a few Pokémons, learned how to level them up, and have a few healing potions in their bags.

Enterprise app developers need to master balancing simplicity and complexity like Pokémon Go’s developers did. Your business apps need to be complex enough to meet users’ needs, but simple enough to prevent them from tearing their hair out. Consider including a simple tutorial as well for your app. That way, users can learn the more complex functions easily on their own.

Lesson #4) Be Prepared for the Future

Another lesson to learn from Pokémon Go stems from a mistake that had many players hurl their devices at the wall: server errors. This frustrating issue causes players to lose their progress and any treasures they managed to catch after walking for a long time. One of the causes of this issue is actually Niantic’s failure to predict its own popularity. Experts believe that server crashes will increase unless the game’s infrastructure keeps up with its rapid growth.

While your enterprise apps won’t have millions of players like Pokémon Go, you should take heed and develop your app with the future in mind. Don’t skimp on servers just because you have 50 employees now. This is especially true if your goal is to expand globally and bring in more talent from across the world. Servers aside, predict future needs and be ready for them with each update. That way, your enterprise apps will boost overall productivity and give your organization an edge over the competition.

Lesson #5) Include the Social Element in Your Apps

The social aspect of Pokémon Go is the main reason the app was widely adopted and used. Players need others to advance in the game – they join teams, help others, and hunt for Pokémons together. This wide-scale social experience is what made different publications write about how Pokémon Go has helped many players deal with issues such as anxiety and even depression.

Enterprise app developers should take a leaf out of Niantic’s book and weave a social aspect into their apps. Think of ways the app can encourage collaboration between team members or reward them for linking with other users. Also, plan ways to facilitate team creation so that the app becomes a hit with all its users.

Combine these teachings with the vital trends in IT . Rest assured you’ll have a great enterprise app which users and stakeholders will approve of.

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