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Employee Onboarding Apps – The Key to Retaining the Millennial Workforce

Millennials, or individuals born between 1982 and 2000, are a force to reckon with. They make up 75% of the world’s employees according to Psychology Today. What further makes them valuable to employers across the globe is the advantages they offer, which include dedication to their work, thinking outside the box, and tech savviness.

Unfortunately, as eager as employers are to work with millennials, the latter may have their reservations and decide to jump ship early on. In fact, Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2016 revealed that two-thirds of millennials intend to leave their current employers by 2020.

If you want to prevent millennials from keeping one foot out of the door, focus on instilling loyalty in them early on. One process that can definitely make a difference is employee onboarding. After all, it is the first step your company takes to welcome new hires, prepare them for their new positions, and create a strong employee-employer relationship.

While you’re welcome to change the whole process, you can optimize it easily and at a fraction of the cost and time by simply embracing employee onboarding apps.

Take Digital Onboarding to the Next Level with Onboarding Apps

Cloud-based onboarding solutions have been revolutionizing the talent management cycle for years now. In addition to increasing productivity, they’ve effectively shortened ramp-up time, ensured greater employee engagement, and helped reduce turnover rates.

Now, onboarding apps offer to take things up a notch by providing the benefits listed above as well as the following advantages.

  • Higher Level of Interactivity – Onboarding apps make the process interactive. This will make your new hires grow more focused and involved. Besides, apps are more fun to use in comparison with mobile sites and cloud-based platforms.
  • Native Processing – Native apps can easily access mobile-specific functions such as SMS or camera whenever necessary. That way, users can take full advantage of quicker processing and eliminate menial tasks such as scanning and sending employee documentation.  
  • Easier Notifications – Mobile apps allow push and in-app notifications, a form of communication that has proven to be more effective than email. Notifications are also user-friendly!
  • Offline Functions – Onboarding apps don’t always require internet connectivity to perform a majority of tasks. Once installed, apps allow users to access their data even while offline.

How Mobile Onboarding is Millennial Employee-Friendly

The benefits of employee onboarding apps make them appealing for all. However, apps are especially vital for retaining millennial workers because of the following reasons.

  • Millennials Prefer Mobile-First Workplaces – A survey by Microsoft and SurveyMonkey revealed that 93% of millennials are attracted to brands that use modern and up-to-date technology at the workplace. A study from Domo and further proves this, stating that the next generation of employees prefers mobile-first workplaces.
  • Millennials Value Quick Communication Highly – When it comes to communication, millennials rank it highly on their list of priorities since they’re used to instantaneous communication. The lack of speed and a modern touch will frustrate them and drive them elsewhere. Apps, thankfully, prevent these issues. In addition to being installed on this generation’s favorite type of device, apps offer different methods of communication aside from email.
  • They Crave Employee Engagement – Apps offer to engage this generation since they provide flexibility, focus on quality outputs, and enable easier information sharing and learning. Concise information, exciting visuals, and interactive forms further ensure high levels of engagement.
  • Millennials are Dedicated to Sustainability – This generation values sustainability the most, especially in the workplace. 80% of millennials responding to the Cox Conserves Sustainability Survey claimed to have a fair amount of knowledge about sustainability than other generations, which is why they have a strong desire to implement its practices in every aspect of their lives, including work. 60% noted that they were committed to increasing the sustainability of their businesses despite only 27% being in management positions.

So, build a digital workplace and millennials will definitely come. Just remember to develop or purchase an employee onboarding app that extends the services of your cloud-based system and complements it with features of its own. That way, you can maximize the potential of the solution you already have and flaunt your status as a tech-savvy innovator.

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