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Paperless Office – How is it Possible?

The mission to achieve a truly paperless office environment is as old as Bill Gates’ dream of having a PC in every home. However, only the latter has been realized.  The former is still struggling to find its footing. Many employees are still fumbling their way through folders and sifting through files and wasting a lot of time. We don’t realize the manual handling and resources being wasted in maintaining a large corporation’s paper-based data- until there’s too much of it.

Despite the penetration of mobile devices and popularity of productivity applications across the world, the use of paper in an office seems to be ramping up. Research conducted by Gartner, found that your average company is producing 25% more paper annually. And according to INC Magazine, it costs about USD20 to file a document, USD120 to find a misplaced one and USD250 to recreate the lost document. So to find the true cost of a paper-based office, the math is quite simple – and the cost is huge!

From Endless File Cabinets to Paperless Chaos

Smart enterprises have now embraced the digital workplace. Gone are the days of bulky filing cabinets taking up entire rooms. Armed with laptops and a kitbag of mobile devices, today’s workforce is agile, on the go, and has an app for everything – too many apps in fact. We’re now seeing a different kind of chaos, where the overwhelming number of different applications required, to accomplish different tasks is starting to affect productivity.

And to make matters worse, our overreliance on paper-based forms for gathering and disseminating information is still alive and kicking.

So How is a Paperless Office Possible Today?

The answer lies in Enterprise Mobility, a term that’s becoming more popular in recent times in the corporate sector, as firms begin to realize the importance of the digital age in the modern workplace. In simpler terms, it’s about harnessing the power of cloud computing to create innovative ways for your company’s workforce to interact with corporate data no matter where they are.

Mobile Form Apps are at the forefront of this revolutionary change. By replacing paper, they provide world-class productivity-enhancing systems to businesses. Systems that can effectively eliminate the use of paper in your daily operations by letting you create powerful mobile applications to digitize your forms.

Advantages of Going Paperless

The following points highlight how makeen transform can help you go truly paperless.

1. Create Your Own Mobile Forms – No Programming Knowledge Needed
With TransformTek’s Transform Studio, a person with limited programming knowledge can create a fully functioning mobile forms app and forms that work seamlessly on iOS, Android and Windows devices, allowing everyone (not just techies) to supersede existing paper-based forms, from start to finish.

2. Choose Which Digital Format to Receive Your Data
With advanced submission systems, all collected data can be automatically stored either in PDFs to be emailed to designated personnel or sent directly to data stores. This reduces administrative costs associated with the form such as printing, scanning and/or filing.

3. Fill Forms While Offline
So your workforce often operates in areas with no connectivity? No problem. Your makeen transform App is fully capable of functioning offline. You can open a form, fill in the necessary information and submit it. The next time your mobile device is in range of an internet connection, the form will be automatically uploaded.

4. Fully Utilize the Power of Mobile Devices
The best thing about applications created with TransformTek is that they’re native to the device – capable of fully utilizing the hardware’s functionality. This means the application performs faster and has access to work with hardware-specific features like camera, push notifications, GPS and more. The result is less dependence on paper.

5. Edit and Deploy in Minutes
Need to add a new page or modify content on existing forms? You can do that in minutes without having to reinstall the application. All updates happen within minutes and are instantly accessible to all users.

6. Run Forms on All Operating Systems
Need to add a new page or modify incorrect content on existing forms? You can do that in minutes without having to reinstall the application. All updates happen within minutes and are instantly accessible to all.

7. Reduce Chances of Security Risks
makeen transform itself stores no transactional data on the cloud and the data downloaded on the device is locked behind powerful encryption and two-factor user authentication systems.

For many businesses today, there is a passion and desire to operate as the lowest cost producer, manage unnecessary overhead, and achieve streamlined processes.  By converting paper and electronic forms to mobile, addresses these critical business goals.  Furthermore, the creation of workflows around existing data enables business processes to be truly dynamic.  By adopting mobile forms, companies achieve a modern approach to business and transform into the 21st century.

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