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7 Reasons to Adopt Platform as a Service (PaaS) in your Corporate Mobile Strategy

The internet has come a long way from managing emails and viewing web content. Today, it’s powerful enough to sustain entire businesses in itself.  And smart enterprises are doubling down on this opportunity more than ever, thanks to cloud computing.

One area in particular of cloud computing that’s on the rise among enterprises is Mobile Platform as a Service (PaaS).  It’s an incredible model for easily producing and managing mobile applications entirely over the internet. The reason companies are adopting this model is because of the evolution of remote workforce as well as the growth of mobile device usage in companies today.  By adopting PaaS, enterprises are able to extract greater employee productivity out of their workforce, at a fraction of the cost and in a surprisingly short period of time.

Today, there are more cellphones in existence than people.  And according to research, more than half of the devices connected to your corporate network are mobile devices.  Smart companies realize this fact and use fantastic applications to manage many different tasks and data.

But highly successful companies are those which create dedicated ways of managing and disseminating their corporate data with complete security, without compromising on speed.

1. No programming required

Don’t have developers for iOS, Android, or Windows in your organization? Not a problem. With the right PaaS solution, all you need is a vision to create – and within minutes, you can build your own app, test it, and make it live. Some Powerful Mobile PaaS goes a step further and generates totally native apps without the need for coding

2. You don’t have to allocate any extra space in your office

Since your app building process happens completely in the cloud, you never have to buy expensive equipment or licenses or build infrastructure. The systems on the service provider end handles everything from high speed server machines, to expensive third party licenses, to steady communication infrastructure.

3. Your application on your choice of platforms

Advanced Mobile PaaS solutions today are able to deploy your application on a number of operating systems simultaneously. It doesn’t matter if it’s Windows, Android, iOS. When your application is created, it’s fully compatible and is able to harness the strength and functionality of each operating system.

4. You are always on the latest version

Your business is never compromised because of a mandatory update halting your operations. All updates happen seamlessly, without posing any disruption to your normal flow of operations. You just log in one day and notice new features automatically updated.

5. Short learning curve

A good PaaS solution realizes the immediacy of businesses today. People don’t have time for lengthy training sessions and reading long documentations. The system needs to be easy enough to learn, so you can start getting tangible results as quickly as possible – Great PaaS solutions excel in this regard.

6. Opt out any time

No one wants to get trapped into a long term contract which they regret. Great PaaS solutions offer a monthly payment program for businesses, enabling them to test the water and opt out immediately if it doesn’t suit their needs.

7. No risk of data loss

Modern PaaS are built on world class cloud services from giants such as Amazon, Google or MS Azure and are maintained employing industry best practices. Therefore you never have to worry about setbacks or data loss. The hosting servers are spread across different regions and contain several backup servers on top. Even if your office suffers a natural disaster, your entire data remains accessible to you through failover technology that is in place.

The Makeen transform platform was founded on the basis of the aforementioned design decisions, and more. We offer a pioneer service to enterprises looking to mobilize their workforce or take advantage of an already mobile one. With our Makeen transform platforms, companies across the world have created fully native mobile apps to effectively eliminate their reliance on paper-based forms – Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in physical resources and lost labor time.

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