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Enterprise Mobility Apps for Corporations Today

Executives and managers around the world are constantly seeking and wishing for better ways to conduct business. With that goal in mind, enterprises are building a paperless environment within their offices. Enterprise Mobile Apps are becoming increasingly popular in a business context. To this end, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems require the agility for their “forms” to be mobile and capable of operating on any version of any device, Android, Windows or iOS.

TransformTek  has created the product that may have the answer. makeen transform allows enterprises to design and publish mobile forms which can be configured to connect to your ERP systems. As a result, the platform supports the creation of a paperless environment and improves the productivity needed for a competitive advantage via Mobile Forms.

Areas Mobile Forms Can Help With

Native mobile forms can be designed for almost every function at your enterprise, starting from Finance to Project Management, and all the way to Plant supervision. The following are two functions that can benefit from the cost savings and productivity offered by mobile forms.

1) HR

Onboarding new employees can be a daunting experience for both the employee and the organization recruiting them. makeen transform can streamline your HR processes and create the missing link to effectively on-board employees. For instance, new recruits can access contracts to sign them or attach documentation instead of resorting to email or post.

2) Safety

Implementing a safety culture in an organization could be the final step in achieving a “No Harm” environment. makeen transform enables you to build rating systems to assess your employees’ exemplary safety culture attributes.

The Ingredients for Successful Mobile Forms

For a mobile form to truly deliver its benefits and ROI, it needs to deliver the following capabilities.


Native forms are more powerful than other digital forms, especially since they are always available to users, 24/7. Users also prefer native mobile forms because they are more engaging, faster and user friendly.

User Experience

Forms must be intuitive to be useful. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your mobile forms do not replicate their paper counterparts. Users have a completely different way of interacting with their mobile devices, so your forms need to take that into consideration to provide the best experience.


Thought internet connectivity is no longer a major issue, there are still several remote locations which are yet to be properly covered. This is especially true for work sites beyond city limits. This challenge can be overcome by the ability of the form to be used “offline”. makeen transform App allows forms to be used offline as well as online. Forms submitted while devices are offline are synchronized once a connection is available.


Ensuring the quality of your mobile forms benefits you in many ways. For starters, it ensures your forms cover all your processes effectively. Quality forms also ensure quicker adoption, an essential factor in the success of your strategy.


As elementary as this may sound, you need to ensure your mobile forms are feature-rich. Some of these features can be linked to your device’s capabilities such as image capture, file upload, and GPS location.

Time to Design

The process of designing mobile forms needs to be quick in order to truly be worth the effort. For instance, makeen transform allows business users to drag and drop form components and configure them within minutes.

Need to see mobile forms in action? Sign up for a FREE Makeen transform account and start designing your own set of forms.

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