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Designing Your First Mobile Forms App

Makeen transform allows you to easily create mobile forms for various purposes. To run your forms, however, you need to create a mobile forms app on the platform. For this purpose, we have created a short guide to help you out and show how easy it is for your business to achieve enterprise productivity.

1) Decide the Paper Form You Want to Mobilize First

Start small by deciding which paper form you can begin mobilizing. Choose a form which isn’t used on a daily basis to experiment with so as to not affect everyone’s productivity.

2) Log In to Transform Studio

Assuming that you already signed up for Makeen transform (Sign-up now if you haven’t), log in to Transform Studio using the credentials provided to you at the time of sign-up.

3) Choose a Template

Once you login, you will be directed to a user-friendly interface designed for business users rather than developers. From the dashboard, click on the ‘Add New App’ button on the top left side. You have the option to create a blank application or choose from four templates. The latter include assets, i.e. images which are used across the app as icons, backgrounds, etc.

Select an app template, type a name for it, and enter an application code. Once you click on ‘Submit’, a new mobile forms app will be created. You can then begin adding categories and forms in it.

4) Upload Assets

Before designing a single aspect in your mobile forms app, you need to upload the images (a.k.a. assets) you intend to use across the app. Click on ‘Assets’ under Design, followed by the ‘Upload Assets’ button at the top right. Next, drag and drop files onto the box below or browse through your device’s folders to add images.

5) Create a Category

A category is used to organize pages and forms within your mobile forms application. Categories can point to a single landing page or a listing page that displays all pages included in that category. You can add a Category first and then add linked pages or forms as you create them later on.

6) Design and Publish Your Forms

After the category is created, the next step is to create a form inside that category. Click on Pages & Forms from the left panel, followed by the Create New button on the right. Select whether you wish to design a Page (to display text and information), a Form (for collecting data from makeen transform App users), or a Sub Form (a collection of form controls which you can re-use across several forms).

Hover over the form’s title until you see the ‘Page Designer’ icon. Click on it then begin dragging and dropping elements on the empty canvas. Once you are done designing your form, click on ‘Publish and Check-In’. Checking in a form allows the form to be edited by others using the same Makeen transform account later.

7) Download Makeen transform app

To begin using the mobile forms app you created, you need to download Makeen transform app. Click on ‘Download Apps’ on the left panel, then scan the QR Code you see. Once the app is downloaded, enter the app code. 

You can now start using the application immediately and submit forms to receive them in PDF files or send them to any ERP/back-end system.

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